Fire Restoration East Orange, New Jersey

Do you have a fire damage in East Orange? We  can help!

Presently, our fire damage restoration services are in high demand in New Jersey.

So we’ve served New Jersey for over a decade.
Most importantly, we´re recognized as a reliable company. Above all, a high quality company.

A bitter and devastating experience.

Also, during these situations it is difficult to think clearly.
However, having a qualified team that provides excellent service. So it helps to minimize, to a great extent, the damage generated by these catastrophic events.

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The causes of a fire are multiple. They can range from improper use of stoves or cookers and poor maintenance of electrical installations, to poorly extinguished cigars.

A small fire can turn into a fatal one in a few seconds. Within minutes a house can fill with thick black smoke and fall into flames.


We have extensive standards of quality, technology and security. In the same way, we have professional and trained staff to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. In addition, we are certified by IICRC.

For this reason, we´ve positioned itself as a leader in the restoration services industry for houses, companies, stores, offices and individuals in the United States.

Whether you need general contractor-guided structural repairs, smoke odor removal or any kind of restoration or refinishing on items in your home, NATIONWIDE CLEANING & RESTORATION SERVICES can be the pillar of support you need during this hectic and challenging time.

If you can contact us within the first 48 hours following a fire, we can provide the highest probability that your items will be restored, as soot and water that’s left untreated can cause further damage.

We provide rush cleaning for particularly important items as well, along with dry cleaning and packing out of various items, including bed linens, shoes, clothes and more.

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